Conservation Crime and Investigation Report


International Animal Rescue Foundation takes great pride within it's global rescue, awareness and investigation work.


We welcome all thoughts and questions no matter how small the issue is. 


We have a duty to serve our conservation and wildlife whatever the dangers are. You can contact us direct here or on the Facebook pages that are listed on the site in the page view option. 


You can report all animal abuse from animal parts trafficking, poaching, suspicious hunting issues, captive wildlife abuse, illegal pet trade, dog fighting and more here. Our email is 


We work on various rescues and investigations worldwide. Captive rescue, wildlife rescue, marine abuse and rescue, botanical and conservation rescue and awareness plus lots more. 


All media and press must relate to the following "contact" box" from which you shall be contacted back in due course if the matter is relevant. If irrelevant then no communications will be responded to.


Media and press are to contact the CEO/President Dr Joseph Dimetri  


We welcome all verbal contact to of which you must submit your reply as most of the admins work on different time scales in many nations. Please place your email response and we shall contact you back if the call is urgent. 


We take great pride in responding to everyone however as we are a worldwide rescue founded in 2010 that has grown copiously then we cannnot always answer or respond to everyone's emails to telephone requests within the allocated time period of 24 hours 


Should you be aware an environmental crime is to take place then email or phone marking your email "urgent" addressed to the CICU unit that deals with all environmental crimes. Please email the main office or our "external affairs" address or just simply contact us here and the email shall be passed on to the relevant nation investigation staff. 


International and European Directive Staff


  • CEO/President - International Dr JC Dimetri (International)


  • CEO - Ms Simone Baker (Europe) 


  • CO Founder - Dr Harvey Allmendinger (Environmental Investigations)


  • CO Founder - Dr Jean Marie (Domestic Veterinary and Wildlife)


  • Co Founder/Administraton - Miss Helen Troy (Afrcian Affairs - Healthy Eating)


  • Team Manager - External Affairs and Mission Planner - Dr Jenny Willcot (Domestic, Wildlife Preservation, Awareness)


  • Wildlife Veterinary Team Leader/ Mission Advisor - Dr Jose Depre  


  • Botanical Unit - Dr Williamson Botanical and Forestry Preservation / River and Marine /  Programme to Sustain Biodiversity


We have a total of 5,478 staff trained and qualified in a host of subjects from environmental sciences, botanical science, forestry management, marine biology, climatic research, wildlife and domestic veterinary sciences and more. 


We have a total of nine Anti Poaching Units of which we are awaiting for new members to join us to make the final ten. Preserving African wildlife is of the utmost importance to us.


Should you wish for our team(s) to visit your school or company for education and awareness please phone or email us at the main address of  


Should you wish to join our news page you can at the below address and subscribe for free;


All news and investigations are placed on our page below. Should you notice a mistake or typo please contact us via the contact box.  


We are not a member of the I.A.R, we are an independant rescue that has no relation with that rescue and rehabilitation unit. 


We are not a charity, so we do not need a charity number. We are an Environmental Company registered in the European Union. 


In order for us to answer your questions quickly without delay you have the options below of contacting our teams via clicking the link and then following the on screen instructions.


Main international affairs, animal rescue, conservation preservation, wildlife crime, captivity, abuse or complaints please contact;


European affairs please contact; 


Social media, petitions, and worldwide affairs please contact; 


Child abuse awareness, missing persons report, or to report serious crime within this area local or international please contact;


Should you wish for a private meeting, conference call/meeting, or other then please contact the Presidet and Founder below


To speak direct you can contact our main number that shall then forward you to our mailing box at no extra toll charge other than that of your own. Please contact the number below and leave a clear precise message with contact details and we will get back to you within a time frame of 24 hours.




As our team mostly work on the ground with our online team assisting in more other local and/or international affairs then please contact the international number, please leave a clear message and contact details. You will be placed through to our investigations department should your call be urgent.


Tel: +(0)4407531167527


We take pride in all feed back and will contact you via telephone or email as soon as we can. We do not tolerate abuse to any member of our staff of which all calls are recorded. Please refrain from witholding your number as this feature is barred from contacting the team. 

Should you wish to contact us privately please use the box below or email us. All calls and emails are held on file for further history data.



Contact security 


International Animal Rescue Foundation is owned to the named above directive team, should you know of anyone imitating us please contact us with immediate effect.


No one within the team shall contact anyone via any other email address other than those listed above.


We never make contact with any person(s) organisation(s) without using the email contatcs above.


If you have been contacted by anyone mimicking this organisation on social media or of social media then please email our administrative team as soon as possible. We have adopted this security procedure so that you the member of the public knows exactly whom your talking to.


Last updated December 2012 




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