Welcome to the International Animal Rescue Foundation


Welcome to the International Animal Rescue Foundation.


International Animal Rescue Foundation founded in 2010 is not a charity, International Animal Rescue Foundation is an (organisation) that is registered in the European Union the site is located, registered and owned in the United Kingdom since 2011.


The non-governmental organisation is proud to state that it owns thirty four international rescue units that work on a range of environmental, botanical, marine and animal welfare projects including domesticated rescue to.


All units work skilfully yet professionally to conserve, preserve, extinguishing conservational danger from poaching to manmade deliberate abuse, and more.


The organisation has now seven co-founders with I the founder, of whom we manage our team units in all international rescue’s from captivity rescue, marine rescue, domestic rescue, and wild animal rescue, and re-homing in all nations with no exceptions.


We do not and never have been funded but do hold “fund raisers” our first started in October 2012 with relation to the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Benue Zoological Gardens. You can read more on that rescue within the sites page index contents.


We hold twenty one administrators on our social media pages that promote our work to highlighting abuse, awareness, conservation destruction, captivity, domestic abuse, to healthy eating and more plus our new page the Conservation Guardians Petition page that hosts thousands of petitions.


The petition page hosts all petitions, of which you’re more than welcome to contact us should you wish to further your battle to preserve conservation, animal welfare, captivity, to child abuse awareness and posts on missing persons or other, the petition site will not host animal hunting petitions or other non-related environmental work.


Should you need assistance in any animal rescue “news story”, to awareness, or just a story and investigation highlighted you can contact Jenny Willcot which herself and team attached to International Animal Rescue Foundation’s Conservation Investigations Crime Unit would be more than willing to assist. Jenny is a sincere yet professional member of our team. Jenny also holds three investigative qualifications and has undertaken great courage in locating animals wthin the most sorrid and abusive conditions from domestic to animal research.


Please report all animal and conservation crime no matter how small or large to us immediately on locating or hearing to the address above or below. Even if the perpetrator/s is just fooling about, reports must be filed which we look into accordingly within the boundaries of law which all avenues and investigations will be exhausted. We will then reply in due course back to you on our findings and actions taken.


Our main contact address is below which you contact I the founder and co/founders.




We are all vegans and vegetarians at International Animal Rescue Foundation from which we take all animal and conservational crime to climate abuse and more seriously that shall be looked in to immediately on viewing your report.


Please note that your reports are held confidentially and sharing to third parties of names or addresses is strictly forbidden unless the crime is flagged as austere.


We are not a part of or “related to the recognised and professional International Animal Rescue” that work on a wide range of animal and conservational projects.


We have over 5000 volunteers that work with ourselves with some undertaking their own day jobs as well as rescue to. Trained in environmental studies, botany and arboriculture, marine biology, veterinary medicine, ecology, climatology, and meteorology to healthy eating planners, and awareness we are one of a recognised group of international rescues that are striving to preserve our vulnerable planet to conserving our most delicate species of flora and fauna.


For more information please email us, or should you wish to know more about our work to becoming a member of our team please feel free to phone us leave a message and we will be happy to call you back in due course. 


We at International Animal Rescue Foundation would like to wish everyone a happy Christmas for 2012 and a merry new year for 2013. 


God bless and stay safe. 


Please remember a pet is for life and not just for Christmas every year from December to April thousands of animals are dumped on the streets or murdered because the owners did not want to keep them any longer. 


Should you purcahse a pet this year please spay and neutur your canine or feline, micro-chip them, and provide flea and worming, plus ensuring your pet is vaccinated. Your pet will need lot's of exercise to and the correct feed as stated under the Animal Welfare Act.


Failing to comply could/will result in your animal being removed and you being charged under the Animal Welfare Act which could result in a 6 prison term plus your animal(s) euthanasied along with a ban on keeping animals imposed.


Please adopt an animal and do not purcahse from breeders or home breeders this keep's strays of the streets and out of shelters.


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